Friday, December 28, 2007


You don’t need to go any further, should need Best Advice on any of the following just get in touch with me:
Life Insurance – to cover your bond or anything
Short term Insurance – For that new motorcar or your house contents, or business
Investment - We do portfolio management based on no performance no fees.
Medical – Should need a medical scheme.
Pension Funds – either a private scheme or a group scheme
Provident Funds – for your business employees
Funeral Cover – either for yourself or your employees
Pay roll – Are stressed out at the end of the month doing the companies pay roll.
FNA – When last have someone done a Financial Needs Analysis for you?
Financial Independence – Will you be? And when?
MLM – Do you like to now more about Multi Level Marketing. It’s not a pyramid Scheme.
Property – Buy to rent. Where and when to buy?
Disability – Do you what you’ll need when the time comes, or are you going to wait until then?
Estate Planning – Is the mere drawing up of a will enough? I don’t think so!
Trust, PTY Or CC – Which one of these do you need? And when?
24 years in this business we know what we are talking about, if not we definitely know someone who knows.

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