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Use a Retirement Annuity to pay for medical expenses after retirement
· Healthcare costs are continuously increasing (and unfortunately there is a greater need for healthcare after retirement).
· Generally Medical Aid Benefits are battling to keep up with increasing healthcare costs – resulting in large shortfalls.
· Many entrepreneurs are not providing any healthcare benefits for themselves or retired staff.
If you want to be financially independent, you need to cover all your expences by means of a passive income. Retirement Annuities is an excelent vehicle to provide for such an expence as your medical aid contributions. Note! it not only have to cover your medical it can also cover some of your other expences as well.

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Friday, December 28, 2007


You don’t need to go any further, should need Best Advice on any of the following just get in touch with me:
Life Insurance – to cover your bond or anything
Short term Insurance – For that new motorcar or your house contents, or business
Investment - We do portfolio management based on no performance no fees.
Medical – Should need a medical scheme.
Pension Funds – either a private scheme or a group scheme
Provident Funds – for your business employees
Funeral Cover – either for yourself or your employees
Pay roll – Are stressed out at the end of the month doing the companies pay roll.
FNA – When last have someone done a Financial Needs Analysis for you?
Financial Independence – Will you be? And when?
MLM – Do you like to now more about Multi Level Marketing. It’s not a pyramid Scheme.
Property – Buy to rent. Where and when to buy?
Disability – Do you what you’ll need when the time comes, or are you going to wait until then?
Estate Planning – Is the mere drawing up of a will enough? I don’t think so!
Trust, PTY Or CC – Which one of these do you need? And when?
24 years in this business we know what we are talking about, if not we definitely know someone who knows.

Business of Caring - U-CARE

You can now start your own Business, by helping others.
It is really that easy, you choose the charity you would like to help. If that charity is not already registered well then you need at least 20 other supporters to get it registered.
Never the less you can start your business immediately. Some of our sponsors has already build up there monthly income to + R 15000pm in less than a year. You can either contact me hear or send me an email to Please note your subject as BUSINESS OF CARING!

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My Profile

I am happily married for 42years to a professional housewife, raising two beautiful daughters, both of them work with me in the business one is married with two sons, the other one still awaits the right prince to lift her off her feet.
My oldest grandson has recently joined Sanlam to be trained as a Financial Advisor; I am very excited about this move as this could mean that my business could oneday passes on to him.I did my active service in the SAAF, and left the force as a Mayor being Chief Technical Officer at 2 Squadron and Officer Commanding of CPE (Central Photographic Establishment) at Waterkloof Air Base.I did the Business Management School with Reeva Forman and after 17years I’ve decided to leave the force.I’ve built a network business with Reeva but soon realize that it’s not really my cup of tea. Although Reeva where my vehicle to move out of my rat race, it was my best move I’ve made in my life.I then did some other sales; selling carpets, timeshare and property, until I’ve met up with one of my apprentices from the Air Force who where then working for Sanlam. He invited me to Sanlam PR who told me of their new venture to employ people from the street into Sanlam Financial Advisory Service. That was more to my liking for I hated insurance salesmen and refused to have anything to do with them whilst being in the Air Force.From the first day I really enjoyed the work, the training the pressure, everything. The fact that you work with senior employees and professionals and that you do not sell insurance policies to keep the bacon on the table but rather you sell a product to solve there financial needs. Each and every sale of mine went hand in hand with a comprehensive FNA (Financial Needs Analysis) or with a Financial Investment Plan.Unfortunately I was only working for one company and at that stage thought that their products are the only product that can really solve your needs, therefore my coaching was limited to their views and their products.After 17 years with Sanlam I left, due to FIAS (Financial Advisory and Intermediary Service Act No 37 of 2002) for at stage I was a director with my present company Pentasure (Pty) Ltd doing Short Term Insurance and Offshore Investments through Templeton. The reason for leaving Sanlam was purely due to FIAS, I did not want to be seen as a person wearing two caps.At September that year my wife and daughter bought me Robert Kyosaki book Rich Dad Poor Dad. And my whole life turned around. I there after read most of his book and have just finished “Why We Want You To Be Rich” by Robert Kyosaki & Donald Trump. I’ve joined a club with one of my clients and every Thursday we play the Cashflow games.I was using lots of the banks money doing additions to our home. I am converting a standard brick, mortar & tile house into a rock and thatch mansion. Three quarters of the way and I have stopped the whole project.I was working myself to pieces to pay the bank, and with what in mind, for it is nowhere my intention to sell it when it’s finished. So! Who’s going to benefit, the bank or us?I became a strong believer of the Robert Kyosaki principles, namely to have a great passive income and that a positive Cashflow is and will always be king.I have changed my whole financial philosophy and as a Financial Planner it is now my aim to assist my clients to achieve the financial Independence as spoken about in Roberts books.I can assure you that you have very little change to become Financially Independent by saving in the normal conventional methods given by most Financial Planners. One of my clients who now earns in excess of R 15 000pm as a passive income a year after I have told him that he has more changes falling pregnant than ever becoming financial independent if he does not join our regular Cashflow game. After about six months playing Robert Kyosaki Cashflow game he invited me to a Charity fund raising business opportunity, called U-Care, which I immediately joined. (But must admit I haven’t worked half as hard as he did). The satisfaction of seeing Charity organizations earning thousands of rands per month is every bit worth the effort.I am passionate in giving Financial Advice, it is my believe that everyone should have a passive income, whether from property rentals, network marketing or consulting fees. You should also be very wary of how you spend your money on all sorts of smiling faces, things like.
1. Medical Schemes
2. Short term Insurance
3. Life cover products
4. Investment plans
5. Luxury items
6. Bond repayments
7. Interest rates
8. Credit Cards
( Maybe I am a bit of a pain in the neck when it comes to Passive Incomes & Smiling Faces) For on the long run you can only blame you’re self if your Financial Targets weren’t met. Gather as much as possible information of what your needs are and what it is you want to achieve. Then talk to the right people.I have my own business, Pentasure (Pty) Ltd a Independent Financial Advisory service company, other than that I am a registered estate agent and have my own agency called IPDC, we specializes in development properties and Shopping Malls.NB! Should you have clients interested in development land, shopping malls, office blocks etc, buying or selling please get in touch?Thank you for taking the time in reading my Profile. I am always open for great entrepreneurial ideas, should you share the same views I would love hearing from you.Wishing you enough!